Southeast Health Pediatric Clinic

The Southeast Hospital Pediatric Practice and Specialty Clinic at 25 Doctors Park in Cape Girardeau, Missouri underwent an extensive $1.2M renovation in 2011-2012. The 12,000SF former cardiologist facility is designed to accommodate two practicing pediatricians and a nurse practitioner with 12 exam rooms, 2 minor procedure rooms, a four-nurse work center, a phlebotomy lab, business/billing office space, a 36-person waiting area, and related staff support spaces. 

Approximately 4,000SF of the building is dedicated to a visiting pediatric specialist clinic and includes physician offices, 6 exam rooms, a minor procedure space, nurse station, and a separate waiting area. The interior design is intended to evoke a pediatric theme without being age or gender specific. A bright, clean, Scandinavian inspired foundation stands in the background, while letting the saturated color accents grab the patient’s attention.  This fresh approach puts all expectations of what a pediatric doctor’s office should like, on end.  Bold color and graphics envelope the corridors, acting like large, simple graphics to guide all age groups to exam rooms and entertain them while waiting.  Furniture is clustered in blocks of color in keeping with the design intent of simple, bold organization.