Southeast Health Patient Tower Addition

In 2001, Southeast Hospital embarked on a major capital improvement project which completely redefined and restructured their inpatient nursing services and facilities.  This project was initiated as a result of a strategic analysis determining that more private beds were necessary to remain competitive in their market.  To achieve this, two new inpatient floors, comprised of acute medical and surgical beds, were constructed atop the existing Harrison Annex, adding a total of 30,000 SF and 46 beds.

In addition to the construction of the new beds, approximately 70,000 SF of existing inpatient nursing units were renovated, increasing the total private patient room count from 39 to 107.  These rooms are designed to provide the same level of care for each area with a consistent configuration of services.  The final completion date for the three phase, $14,000,000 project was spring of 2005.

Distinct moods, achieved through varying interior finishes from floor to floor, created many benefits to caregivers, patients and visitors.  Caregivers had a strong say in the direction of the color palettes per floor, patients’ private rooms were showered with multiple wood tones mixed with fresh sea blues or warm tangerines and visitors recognized the practical results of how color can be a subtle but effective wayfinding tool.