Knoebel Construction

The design for the new Knoebel Construction Corporate Headquarters seeks to provide a functional, comfortable, and inspiring office home for the Knoebel staff and brand, simultaneously consolidating and expanding existing functions to accommodate business growth, in an architecturally dynamic setting that continuously showcases the skills, talents, and ambitions of the impressive Knoebel team of builders and professionals. A key factor in the client’s decision to build this new facility is the nearby Spirit of St Louis airport. Aviation influences can be found throughout the design, most notably in the dramatic central atrium space and structure. The scale of the new building responds sympathetically to the surrounding context structures. Another key design imperative was the need to provide increased and better-considered articulation to the building massing, scale, and façade compositions. Each face of the building is articulated with a unique composition of protruding and receding elements, generally consisting of expressed glazed spaces, often enclosing areas of ‘public’ use.